Announcing the wish☁cloud

This spring, I spent some time on a hobby project that has been on my back burner for over a decade. This project is unrelated to my research or anything I do in my day job (aside from being practice for building web apps, which may be useful for my research eventually). The project is called the wish☁cloud.

What is the wish☁cloud?

The wish☁cloud is a social web application where users can vicariously fulfill their wishes. Users post things that they wish they could do or experience, and other users realize these wishes for the original wishers. The intent is to use technology to amplify the shared human experience, giving its users little moments of happiness and gratitude.

The history of the wish☁cloud

The wish☁cloud began as a class project from a course I took in college on the role of the Internet in society. Back then, in 2004, it was called “Seriously Vicariously.” Since then, I’d been waiting to build it, or hoping someone else would scoop the idea so I could take part in it.

A confluence of factors led me to finally build a prototype for the wish☁cloud this spring: I’d been thinking a lot about the role of the Internet in our lives and been missing the optimism that existed during the early days of the social web; I’ve been wanting to learn modern web programming to hone my skills; and I needed a hobby project to take breaks from academic life and maintain my sanity. Thus, the wish☁cloud now exists in a nascent form.

How can I play on the wish☁cloud?

Now that I’ve built it, I want to see if it can actually support users. Check it out at There’s not much there yet.

If you’re interested in getting an account and trying it, fill out this form:

I’ll send out invitations at my discretion as I gain more confidence that the site works as I intend it to. It may be a while as I’m working out a few issues, and I won’t have much hobby time during the end-of-semester crunch. But add your name if you’re interested!

Edit: I’ve opened up the service to anyone who wants to sign up. I recommend signing up with an external account so that my server isn’t storing any login credentials. You can revoke access to your social media login at any time.

I suspect it will run into problems quickly since I’m not an expert in web programming, system administration, or basically anything behind the entire wish☁cloud. I hope that when it works, you have fun and find a little happiness on the site.