How I prefer students address me

A few students have asked me lately how I prefer to be addressed. Here’s an ordering of my preference.

  1. Bert
  2. Professor Huang
  3. Dr. Huang
  4. Dr. Bert
  5. Professor Bert

I’m cool with any of these. I get Dr. Huang most often, for some reason. That’s okay. I’m not sure why I don’t like that as much as Bert or Prof. Huang. It’s probably because being a university professor is my dream job and if you’re gonna be formal, you might as well remind me that I’m doing my dream job (especially right before you ask me to do something I probably don’t want to do). And I like first name because, as a computer scientist, all my favorite professors who I looked up to during my career have been cool first-name people.

But no big deal. You can also just call me “hey you,” or nothing.

Just don’t call me Mr. Huang.


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