Advanced Machine Learning = Graduate Introduction to Machine Learning

This is just an announcement regarding a FAQ primarily for the Virginia Tech community. I’m scheduled to teach CS5824/ECE5424 Advanced Machine Learning. This course is named this way because it’ll be taught in conjunction with CS4824/ECE4424 for undergrads, which is called “Machine Learning.” So the “Advanced” modifier indicates that you’ll be graded at an advanced, graduate level, but the course in both cases will be intended for students who want an introduction to machine learning. In other words, it’ll be my version of this course, currently being taught by Dhruv.

Sorry for the confusion! The university needed these courses to have different names.

Dhruv will be teaching a seminar course on deep learning in the fall (not yet in the course catalog), if you’re looking for a course to continue learning after the intro, and I’m working out details on teaching a graphical models seminar-level course in Spring 2016. So there will be plenty of chances for more advanced study in the next academic year, but “Advanced Machine Learning” is “Introduction to Machine Learning for Graduate Students.”