A quick Keynote tip

A few months ago, I discovered that Keynote has connection lines, which dynamically connect objects that you draw. I used to draw graphs and diagrams in Omnigraffle for this reason, but with native Keynote connection lines, you can animate them directly, etc. The ability to animate graphs is super important, and I’m a huge proponent in using animation in talks (in the right places) to help audiences visualize some of the absurdly complex things we present.

But it still wasn’t perfect, because Keynote doesn’t have built-in keyboard shortcuts to insert connection lines, so you have to select the objects you want, go to the pulldown menu, and select the command. This process is not good for avoiding repetitive-stress injury.

Well, I recently discovered that Mac OS lets you define keyboard shortcuts for any application. Maybe this is common knowledge, but in System Preferences, the Keyboard module lets you add App Shortcuts.

I set mine to cmd-L for a “Straight Connection Line” and cmd-option-L for a “Curved Connection Line.” And now I draw graphs natively in Keynote.

Unfortunately, Magic Move doesn’t work great with connection lines when they have to change orientation. They disappear as the nodes move and reappear once the nodes settle into their location on the next slide. That would be a really cool and useful animation to help visualize graphs. Oh well. Can’t win ’em all.


One comment

  1. You probably know this by now, but you can animate some lines by creating a masking line, then moving the masking to progressively reveal the underlying “real” line.

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